Unidirectional Nano Film supplier takes you to understand the research background of nano film


The Unidirectional Nano Film supplier tells you that with the development of industry, daily electricity consumption, industrial production, automobile exhaust, construction powder, and air pollution have become the biggest problems in our lives. The data published by the World Health Organization shows that air pollution has become an important substance that causes human tumors, and it is listed as a class I carcinogen. The supplier of Unidirectional Nano Film tells you that the country has been strictly controlling the treatment in recent years. In addition to reducing PM2.5 pollutants in the air, our personal safety protection is also particularly important.

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The current filter materials cannot fully meet the filtering requirements for PM2.5, so we use nano-membrane to filter, which has the characteristics of light weight, large surface area, small pore size, and good ventilation. The supplier of Unidirectional Nano Film tells you that it can achieve precise filtration in air and water filtration, special protection, medical protective materials, precision instruments, dust-free and sterile operation workshops, which is unmatched by current filter materials.
The supplier of Unidirectional Nano Film tells you that the preparation methods of nano film mainly include physical methods and chemical methods. The physical methods mainly include vacuum evaporation, sputtering and molecular beam epitaxy. The chemical methods include chemical vapor deposition, sol-gel method, Electroplating method and molecular assembly method. Vacuum evaporation coating heating methods mainly include resistance heating, electron beam heating, and high-frequency heating.