Application of Unidirection eptfe joint tape


Unidirection eptfe joint tape is a polymer with excellent chemical resistance and is the industrial sealing plastic used. Media that can chemically attack PTFE are liquid alkali metals and free fluorine. PTFE has excellent electrical insulation, anti-sticking, impact resistance and extremely low coefficient of friction.

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Extrusion, lamination and sintering of virgin PTFE or blending with other materials produces gasket products with physical and chemical properties to meet the needs of each sealing application.
Unidirection eptfe joint tape is used in services where high chemical resistance is required. As with any fluid sealing material, there is some overlap between individual products. Multiple materials can be used successfully in the same application. The following paragraphs discuss materials, with properties and for specific applications.
To reduce creep, we have developed and implemented a manufacturing process for producing PTFE flat gasket plates. Unidirection eptfe joint tape materials are laminated prior to sintering to form a highly multidirectional fibrillated structure. The manufacturer of Unidirection eptfe joint tape tells you that the creep is greatly reduced at both room temperature and high temperature. To meet the required chemical resistance, different mineral or synthetic fillers are used, such as barite, mineral and synthetic silica, barite (barium sulfate) or hollow glass microspheres. Each packing meets a specific service application, but for standard/non-critical applications they are all very similar.