Introduction to the use of ePTFE hollow fiber membrane module


The ePTFE hollow fiber membrane module is an asymmetric (non-uniform) self-supporting membrane that can be backwashed to maximize the benefits of cross-flow filtration. This geometric configuration of the hollow fibers maximizes the surface area of the membrane in the smallest amount of space. Divided into two types of filter membranes: internal pressure type and external pressure type. Including microfiltration membrane modules, ultrafiltration membrane modules, nanofiltration membrane modules.

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Ultrafiltration (UF) is a membrane separation process driven by pressure. It is based on the selective barrier effect to separate particles and macromolecular organic substances from fluids to achieve purification. The ePTFE hollow fiber membrane module manufacturer tells you that the ultrafiltration membrane has a super high removal efficiency for macromolecular organic matter, colloids, algae, bacteria, viruses, endotoxins, particles and other substances.
The filling density of ePTFE hollow fiber membrane module is much higher than that of flat membrane modules, and the investment is low. The applicable treatment scale can be large or small, and it can meet the needs of different scales of sewage treatment in different industries. It is the most widely used.