What are the product application ranges of Unidirection eptfe joint tape


Unidirection eptfe joint tape is made of high-performance pure PTFE suspension material, which is processed by nano-treatment on one side and then coated with silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive.

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Product application of Unidirection eptfe joint tape:
1. Coating of various high-temperature rollers, heating flat plates, and stripping workpieces;
2. Heat sealing of food, medicine and plastic bags;
3. Lining paste for chutes, hoppers, aviation molds, etc., can also be used in industries such as sizing machine drums, thermoplastic demoulding, etc., can be used repeatedly, and easy to replace;
4. Unidirection eptfe joint tape is suitable for other surface treatments that require anti-sticking and protection;
5. Unidirection eptfe joint tape is used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing heat sealing, electronic and electrical industries.
If you want Unidirection eptfe joint tape to achieve the best paste effect, you need to keep the surface of the paste clean and dry. It is forbidden to directly touch the surface of the material and the glue surface with your hands to damage the performance of the tape.