Multi directional eptfe gasket tape prevents pressure build-up in the seal housing


Multi directionally eptfe gasket tape manufacturers tell you that in our lives, the casings of many electronic appliances, outdoor LED lamps or electronic equipment are easily damaged by pressure that is invisible to the naked eye. Internal pressure build-up due to changes in altitude or temperature can pressurize the seals of the enclosure, resulting in leaks that allow water or other contaminants to enter the enclosure and cause damage to components inside the enclosure.

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In order to solve the problem of pressure build-up in the sealed casing, the current sealed casing will have exhaust holes or vents, and a layer of Multi directionally eptfe gasket tape needs to be pasted on the exhaust holes to prevent harmful pollution while keeping the gas flowing. objects and liquids get into the sealed housing. Multi directionally eptfe gasket tape is particularly suitable for compensating irregularities or damages in sealing areas, as well as all stress-sensitive joints.
Multi directionally eptfe gasket tape has many colors, such as: black, white, blue, gray. Basically white and black.