Some problems encountered in the use of ePTFE hollow fiber membrane tube module


Membranes are known to have different types of constructions, such as flat membranes, hollow fiber membranes, and tubular membranes. Among them, hollow fiber membranes are a very advantageous construction due to their large surface area per unit volume (about ten times that of helically wound modules), self-mechanical support, good flexibility, and easy handling during module fabrication gender and other characteristics. Let's take a look at this ePTFE hollow fiber membrane tube module.

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Due to the excellent hydrophobicity and anti-pollution properties of the PTFE membrane material, cheap lime is used instead of liquid alkali to adjust the pH value in the process, which greatly reduces the operating cost. The system has the advantages of low energy consumption, high nitrogen removal efficiency, long membrane life, compact device and simple operation. But the ePTFE hollow fiber membrane tube module is also prone to problems.
When the ePTFE hollow fiber membrane tube module bioreactor is running, the membrane filaments are always in a shaking state under aeration, so these hairs are easy to entangle the membrane filaments. When the sludge concentration reaches a corresponding level, sludge will appear. It makes more and more membrane filaments tangled together, which greatly reduces the good membrane area of ​​the hollow fiber filaments, causing a sharp drop in the membrane flux, and such problems are difficult to solve, and usually can only be replaced.